Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is This Thing On?

*taps mic*

Sibilance, sibilance, ...

It's been... a while. (Ahem.) Sorry about that. Life just keeps moving along, we're doing fine, plugging along.

Last Friday at our home-church, Daniel was baptized. It was a really great service and the Anglican baptism procedure is more detailed than what I'm used to in the PCA. Thomas and I talked with our pastor, Mal, beforehand and then set the date for the baptism. We hosted church and some friends from the embassy came, which was wonderful. It was a big crowd and everything went great, Daniel didn't even fuss when his head got wet.

Daniel and Pastor Mal
Benjamin is still a great big brother and shares his cars with Daniel, who just holds them and sits there. Daniel will push up on his knees and scoot backwards, which seems early but hopefully we've got a while before actual crawling commences. He's very round and sweet, not too fussy most of the time. We tried doing the "baby-led weaning", where you give them pieces of food instead of purees, but we've given that up and are now doing traditional baby food.

The double baths are a big hit!

Lots of friends from the embassy are leaving this summer, so it's bittersweet to be staying here another year. We're grateful for having a huge place to live and household help and I know we'll make new friends as the summer goes on, but still it's sad to see people go that came in the same time we did. Hopefully we can meet up with some friends back in DC next summer.

Most of our church friends are also going to be away this summer, and it'll be our first full summer here in Jordan. We need to take advantage and see some sites, but I'm sure many quality hours will be logged in the pool. I've also been thinking that when we're back in Arlington, we'll need to find a pool to join in the summer. Someone mentioned to me that Army Navy Country Club is good, but it's hard to imagine doing the "country club thing". It may be worthwhile, especially if we stay in our tiny house, but we'll have to see.

Daniel enjoying the grass.

I've been looking at real estate in Northern Virginia, thinking it would be nice to have more than 800 square feet with these two boys, but prices have really skyrocketed. A duplex much like ours went on the market a week ago for $425K and is already under contract. It's very tempting to think about selling, but then we wouldn't be able to buy in Arlington, so it's very possible we'll just try to move back in and adjust. We've really been spoiled by abundant space here in Amman.

So, nothing thrilling to report. Life is good, the boys are fun. God is gracious.



  1. Thanks for the sweet report and pics! We love you 4 and miss you.

    1. We love y'all too! Hope all is well with you guys! :-)