Monday, July 15, 2013

Home again

We're back, and it's been about a week.  Despite Benjamin's continued nighttime struggles against sleeping, we're glad to be home and back in the "normal" routine.  I got to attend book club on Monday night even though I never read the book.  I plan to in the future, though.  (It was Khaled Hosseini's latest, "And the Mountains Echoed".)  I feel very motivated to read the next one, for August, which is "The Orphan Master's Son".  I'm a couple chapters in and it's good, but a little disturbing.  After reading a nonfiction book about North Korea, fiction seems extremely plausible.

Emy has started working for us more hours during the week which is fantastic.  She's such a blessing and help.  I know it will be a sanity-saver in the first months after the new baby comes.  Parents of 2+ kids, I'd love to know your strategies for preparing to have more than one kid.  And it seems so weird that this baby isn't Benjamin, if that makes sense.  He's the one baby I know, his patterns and habits and personality, and looks even.  It's strange that this is an entirely different person who I'm going to meet soon.  (Although hopefully not too soon, I'm praying that he can wait until 40 weeks.)

In random news, Thomas has become a bit of a fashion plate.  He found some good deals on suits and work clothes while we were in SC and ordered some shoes and things online to round out his new look.  He's also getting some older suits tailored to update the silhouette, and it feels strange to have him be so put-together and stylish while I get larger by the second and wear the same five things every week.  And it will be at least a year before I plan to buy clothes, considering that I'd like to lose weight after dropping the baby weight, and who knows how long that will take with baby #2.  I feel like I'm definitely gaining more with this one, but I think that's normal.  My SC splurging was epic, but now we're home I'm eating more salads and cooking much more.  It was a glorious three weeks of stuffing my face though.  (stares wistfully into space)

Sunday night I tried finger painting with Benjamin, the previous attempt many months ago just made him upset, since he likes to be clean and sticky stuff isn't his favorite.  He started getting into it more this time so hopefully we can introduce more arty things.  I think I have some IKEA watercolors we can break out, which could be fun.


This afternoon Thomas came with my to my doctor's appointment and met the doctor for the first time.  After a couple ultrasounds Dr. Mashini told us that the placenta had moved and it didn't look like it would be an issue going forward.  I was so glad, and I'm guessing that as I get bigger and bigger it'll move even farther up and out of the "danger zone".  I'm so grateful and am praying that no other complications arise and that everything can happen normally.  I've been nesting a bit and putting away lots of baby clothes into Benjamin's room and putting his clothes away in the playroom, soon to be his "big boy" room.  I think we'll make that transition in a week or so.  And I'm trying to get our guest room/office in order for a visitor in a few weeks!  Can't wait!  :-)

Almost 33 weeks!
Another benefit of being home for a while, I finally got the shoes I'd ordered but were then lost in the mail.  So happy with them, even if they were criminally overpriced.  But I love them!  (See above pic.)

Someone was very snuggly today.

And I'm out.

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