Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Pictures

After much rumination, I've come to the following conclusion- Fast & Furious 6 was less entertaining than Fast 5.  Consider yourself edified.

Thomas and I got to check out the new cinema at Taj Mall last weekend, Emy graciously babysat so we could catch a movie and eat dinner afterward.  The movie theater is very nice and new, only opened about a month ago.  There's even a VIP theater where you get butler service and each seat is basically an easy chair.  Maybe sometime we'll check it out.  I still like the Baraka Mall theater, but it's so easy to just park at Taj, watch a movie, then have tons of restaurant options.  We got a quick meal at Fatburger then walked around with our shakes for a while.  It's so nice to have date afternoons occasionally.

I went to a baby shower for a friend Saturday morning, it was really great to hang out with some ladies and eat brunch and have fun.  It's weird that I'm basically in the third trimester now, and baby is super wiggly and active.  I'm extremely grateful for this child and am praying that traveling to and from the US will be safe and complication-free, and that this baby will arrive at 40 weeks.  (Benjamin came right at 37.)

Attempting to dress up for the shower.  26ish weeks.

Mixed signals at the restaurant.

Benjamin's new sunglasses finally arrived, after being misdelivered at first.  The sun is so intense here and it's always sunny, it's probably good for him to have a little something over his eyes.

Best baby in the world.

We're so excited to be leaving for SC soon, I'm dreading the flight and ensuing jetlag, but it will be so worth it to visit with family and friends.  Please still be praying for Thomas's dad, for successful treatments, healing, and strength.


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